For Students - Writing Tutorials 2020-21

What we offer:

Free tutorial sessions (up to 50 minutes long)
* Trained peer writing tutors
* Personalized attention to your specific needs
* Check the calendar on ACORN for available appointments called "Writing Tutorial"

Drop-in email for quick questions

* Email if you have a quick question.

*Please note that emails will be answered only as tutors are available and that it is usually possible to book an appointment on the same day through Acorn.

What to bring to a tutorial:

A sample of your writing
* This is not always necessary, but will help the tutor help you
* You can bring a draft of your assignment, or a paper that's already been graded. Have the document ready so that you can share your screen with the tutor or send it to the tutor in the chat if they request.

Information about the assignment
* Any instructions that your professor handed out to the class

Your questions, comments, and concerns
* Writing tutorials require your participation
* The more engaged you are, the more you'll get out of them

What we cannot offer:

Tutors cannot write, edit, or proofread your work for you
* Tutors will teach you how to self-edit your work, so you can become a successful writer
* Besides, too much help would be unethical and would violate Acadia's policy on academic integrity

Tutors cannot explain course-specific content
* Speak with your professor or teaching assistant, or visit the Acadia Tutoring Service

For additional information:

Take a look at our FAQs.

Need to cancel?

If you need to cancel your appointment, please log back in to ACORN and delete your booking (click here to do this). Whenever possible, provide 24 hours notice so that your appointment can be made available to someone else.

Please note that a student who fails to show up for 2 booked appointments — time another student could have used — will have their access to the tutorial service suspended. They will need to contact the Coordinator and apologize profusely for the suspension to be lifted.