Services for Faculty - In-Class Visits

Peer tutor visits

During term the Writing Centre offers a program of brief in-class visits to promote the benefits of using the Centre.  A senior peer writing tutor will take just 10 minutes at the start of your class to let your students know how to book a tutorial, how the tutorials work, and why so many students keep coming back for more.  Please get in touch today to book one of these in-class visits.

Coordinator visits

The Coordinator, Dr. Stephen Ahern, is available to visit classrooms across campus to present modules on a variety of topics concerning effective written communication.  Ranging from how to use the apostrophe or the comma properly (common problems!), to how to structure a coherent argument or document sources, these presentations can be tailored to the needs of individual faculty members.  A limited number of visits per term is available, so please contact us as early as possible to plan a visit.

    Recent class visits

      Economics 4906
      Computer Science 2523
      Chemistry 4906
      Political Science 5143
      English 4313
      Business 2803
      Computer Science 5923
      Nutrition 1513
      Sociology 2003
      Political Science 1303
      Sociology 4003
      English 2286
      Sociology 2006
      D.Min. 8512
      Psychology 2143
      Theatre 1013
      Political Science 1403
      Sociology 4996